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Designed exclusively for the Independent Landlord and their Renters. 

If you self-manage your own property, Managed by Me is here to help you do more with less.  We believe everyone should have the same quality tools available to them as professional property managers, but without the high price tag.  We're committed to providing free online rent collection and property management software alongside paid value added services to allow you to better manage your portfolio by yourself.  

Managed by Me is Made for You

Free for Landlords.
Free for Tenants. 
​Easier for Everyone.

ACH Payments Are On Us

We believe the simplest way to pay rent should always be free.  Securely link your bank account through Managed by Me and enjoy truly free online rent transfers.  

Prefer Cards? That's OK oo

Renters may also pay rent with a card if they choose- they'll just have to pay a convenience fee of 2% for debit cards and 3% for credit cards (Visa, MC, Discover only)

Get your money faster

Receive your funds 3 business days after the transfer has been initiated.  Never wait for the post office or in a bank line again!

Accept Deposits and Fees

Online Rent Collection isn't just for base rent- accept deposits and invoice additional fees as well. 

Automate Rent Collection to Save Time

Recurring Payments

Set it and forget it!  Renters can choose to utilize recurring rent payments so they, and you, never have to worry about rent on the 1st. 

Automated Reminders

If recurring payments are not set up, renters will receive automatic rent due reminders from Managed by Me.

Skip the Bank

No more dealing with cash or hard to read personal checks.  No more long lines at the bank or mobile deposit limits.  No more hassle!

Stay Organzied

Our online system means you'll always have an up to date record of balances, due dates, and payment status- making pulling reports a breeze and simplifying your life!

Reduce Your Risk

Keep Sensitive Info Secure

With our Online Rent Collection module, you never need to give out your sensitive bank details, or ask your tenants for theirs.  All information is securely stored by our payment processor. 

Eliminate Transit Risk

Online Rent Collection means you never have to worry about your check getting lost in the mail or carrying around lots of cash. 

Maintain a Mutual Ledger

Managed by Me provides one source of truth for you and your tenants.  Real time updates mean you can immediately verify if they have submitted payment or not- no more "its in the mail!"

Keep an eye out for these features coming soon!

Screen Tenants

Accept applications and find the best renters with powerful credit, background, criminal, and eviction screening tools.

List your Rental

Create a beautiful listing in Managed by Me's system and syndicate it across the web into popular listing aggregation sites like Zillow, HotPads, and Craigslist.

Renter's Insurance

Protect your investment and your renter's belongings by requiring Renter's Insurance.  Give your renters a choice to use their own or purchase a policy through us. 

Handle Maintenance Requests

Receive and handle maintenance requests, including pictures, directly through the platform.  Receive automatic reminders until the issue is resolved.

Easy Accounting

Effectively evaluate return on investment and prepare for tax time with custom built accounting. 

Communicate with Tenants

Stay on the same page with tenants, de-clutter your texts and inbox, and eliminate 'he said she said' problems with an integrated communication platform.